Manchester City sign deal with mysterious crypto-currency start | Manchester City

Internet detectives this week turned their attention to an unusual new case: the mystery of Manchester City’s “decentralized financial business analysis” partnership. Amateur detectives searched the internet to find the digital footprint of a company called 3Key, which last week was announced by City as a new official regional partner.

While the club did not specify in their public announcement which region they were talking about, the location of their new partner was not the only thing unknown about the deal. Individuals named as 3Key executives in a recent press release do not show a digital footprint. The same goes for Ryan S Hodder, who is named as Chief Marketing Officer in the City’s statement and is quoted as observing that “practice, teamwork and passion are the foundations of success, and these values ​​abound at Manchester City. “

Investigative reporter Martin Calladine set up online hares on Twitter on Monday when he accused people of finding Hodder or other executives named in a press release announcing 3Key’s arrival in the “decentralized finance” market a month ago. After 48 hours, the closest anyone has come to verified information is a photo of a man with a ginger beard in a checkered suit who may or may not be 3Key Jacob Caine’s “main growth strategist”. City, despite requests, did not comment on the matter.

On Tuesday, two sites associated with 3Key disconnected. One of the sites returned on Wednesday with a sleek design but enigmatic content. While the website says 3Key has been in operation since 2020, there is no mention of employees or products available to the public.

The website, however, seems to suggest that 3Key is in the business of facilitating trading of digital assets such as cryptocurrency and NFTs. The website also introduces the concept of CeDeFi, a combination of “the best of both” centralized and decentralized finance, “to simplify everyone’s participation”.

Announcing the deal last week, City greeted the league. Stephen Cieplik, the senior vice president of Global Partnership Sales, City Football Group, said: “We are excited to partner with 3Key on their journey to simplify a user’s decentralized financial (DeFi) business analytics experience through the power of football to engage with our fans. with a range of content and activations. “

City were contacted by the Guardian for comment, but club sources said The Times that the Premier League champions will not activate any products or services linked to the partnership unless they are glad that all the relevant regulations have been complied with.

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