Marvel’s Hawkeye Promo Introduces Kate Bishop’s Mother

A commercial for Hawkeye shows Vera Farmiga as Kate Bishop’s mother, Eleanor, who may be undergoing a vicious transformation as her comic counterpart.

Marvel Studios has released a new commercial for Hawkeye at Disney + which offers a new look to the mother of Kate Bishop, one of the possible villains of the series.

The commercial shows Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop as they talk to Kate’s mom, Eleanor. Played by Vera Farmiga, Eleonor asks about what brought the two heroes together, asking, “So Kate is helping you with an Avengers level threat?” The archers playfully respond and mock their dynamics before the clip cuts to a montage of previously seen footage. However, given Hawkeye‘Comic’s precise aspirations, a deeper look at this clip in context with other images may foreshadow Eleanor’s wicked turn.

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In the new footage, Eleanor looks confused by the “Avengers level threat” that Kate and Clint claim they face while wearing nice, but fairly simple clothes. However, the appearance of Farmiga here differs considerably from what has previously been shown. In the first trailer for Hawkeye, a glimpse of Eleonor painted her in a more sinister light with a red dress, her hair straightened and a glass of wine in her hand.

In the source material, Eleonor Bishop is Kate’s long lost mother. She was thought to have died when Kate was a child, only to be later revealed in Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. Hawkeye run that she survived and began funding criminal activities. Eleonor’s activities ended up bringing her into Kate’s crossroads, as the younger Hawkeye pursued her longtime enemy, Mrs. Masque, who was under Eleonor’s employment. With rumors swirling that Madame Masque will be featured Hawkeye, Farmiga’s heel may have been hidden in full view.

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If they were revealed as villains, Eleonor and Masque could stand next to the eclectic cast of criminals appear in Hawkeye. Another recent commercial for the series offered the first look at actor Fra Fee as the Clown, one of the most prominent faces featured in Matt Fraction, David Aja and Annie Wu. Hawkeye kuri. Given the importance of this series in Clint and Kate’s comic book stories and the multiple references to that run in the show’s promotional material, it is expected that the Clown will have a considerable impact on the Disney +. Hawkeye also.

In Hawkeye, Clint Barton’s past returns to haunt him when a mysterious new Ronin appears on the streets of New York City. Revealed as the upcoming archer Kate Bishop, Clint and Kate must team up to eliminate a new threat in the build-up to Christmas. The show debuts at Disney + with a two-episode season premiere on November 24.

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