Matt Nagy: Bears ’losing streak is no fault except everyone’s

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The Bears have not won a game since Oct. 10 against the Raiders. As they come out of their up-week on a four-game losing streak, coach Matt Nagy says the entire team must be responsible for ending that losing streak on Sunday against the Ravens.

Nagy noted that last year the Bears were also in a four-game losing streak heading to their farewell – and then they went on to lose two more games after their farewell. Nagy said he tried to learn from his old boss Andy Reid, who has a great record coming weeks ago, but in the end he just needs the whole team to bend over and get ready to play Baltimore.

“We also had a week last year. We lost six games in a row with a farewell week stuck in between, “Nagy said.” The only way to get back to it is to say: Why is this happening? No one’s fault except everyone. And now we take the pieces, and we have a chance to play a great football team that is really well trained at home. And what are we going to do about it? ”

If the Bears do nothing about it and go to the playoffs, Nagy probably just trained his last up week in Chicago.

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