Meet ‘SNOWbegone Kenobi’, ‘Jennifer Snowpez’ and the 160 other snowplows named by Vermont children


“Luke Snow Walker” and “Darth Blader” will clear the roads this winter.

Vermont’s “Name Plow” program released the list of their plows, which were recently named by local elementary schools. AP Photo / Wilson Ring

In October, Vermont elementary students were tasked with naming the VTrans snow plows as part of their Name a Plow Program. From “Jennifer Snowpez” to “Mr. Pushy” and even “Steve,” their responses didn’t disappoint.

The state elementary schools were tasked with sending names for VTrans’s 250 snowplows from October 4 to 22, according to VTrans. The so-called plow would then be allocated to cover the district of the respective school, according to the state.

Following the announcement of the chosen names, on Wednesday, November 17, VTrans brought the newly named snowplows to the schools who called them.

Tweets with #VTPlowDay showed drivers showing how the plows worked and students making pictures in front of their adopted plows. The state reportedly got the idea from Scotland, where the same snow plow nomination went viral.

“Many of us have seen the news coverage go viral last year about the tradition in Scotland of calling their snowplows,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn in October. “While keeping Vermont’s roads safe for a winter trip is a serious matter, calling the plows sounded like fun.”

As for the names, most referred to the cold, stormy weather that plows in – “Snow the Snowplow”, “Arctic Fire”, “Storm Killer “,” Ice Claw “,” Crystal Kingship. “Other schools took advantage of the opportunity to use creative winter puns such as” Brr rite “and”Ice Ice Baby. ”

Some schools created names that related back to the school. At Brookside Primary School, “Brookside Beast” will plow the streets. At Sutton School, the plow was called “Sutton Cats Rule the Road. “JFK Elementary School will soon find their plow,”JFK Snow You Didn’t ”clearing the way.

Meanwhile, other names appeared more casual, such as “Dorito” at Charleston Elementary School, “Carl” at Christ the King School, and “McNugget” at Westford Elementary School.

Some schools have given their plows intense names as they prepare to fight the stormy months ahead. La “The Snow Destroyer of the Lion” by Lunenburg School, “RACS Snow Destroyer” by Rutland Area Christian School, and Snowcrusher ”de Sustainable Academy to name a few.

Others were more peaceful such as “Ole Bessy” by Brookfield Elementary School and “Arctic Angel” of Good Shepherd Catholic School.

Some schools went right to the point: “Get out of My Way!” is the name of The plow of Ludlow Elementary School. Windham Elementary School’s “Slip Sliding Safety Service” summarizes the snowplow accurately.

“Snowman Harvester”, “Frosty’s Demise,” and “Snow Day Dream Crusher,” meanwhile portrayed the plowmen’s work from a darker, comedic angle. At least five schools have ironically pointed out that these plows would prevent children from long-awaited snowy days.

The strength (of snow plows) must be strong in Vermont this year, as there were six referenced plows from Star Wars. “Luke Snow Walker” will be joined by “Snowbegone Kenobi” and “Obi-Wan KenSNOWbi”, “Storm Trooper”, “Darth Blader”, and of course, “Baby Snowda.”

Other names also had creative references: “Perry the Plowerpus” was the “Phineas and Ferb” inspired plow name of The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales and Edgar Allen Snow ”was the poetic name for the Pacem School plow.

In the end – in elementary school fashion – some names were just stupid. “Vermont Bob” will clear the roads for the Jamaica Village School, “Snowasaurus” is coming from Head Start – Spring Center this winter, and “Snow Pickle ”trairos Worcester, Vermont for Doty Memorial School.

The full list of Vermont plow names can be found on the VTrans Plow Name Program website.

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