Netflix will release weekly viewing data

But as for last night’s viewing, Nine won despite Parental Guidance limping to its grand final with a sad 648,000.

The most important TV news was not the ratings on another night in the final fading weeks of 2021 ratings. Rather it was the news this morning from Netflix that it will start broadcasting weekly, comprehensive viewing data on a national and global basis.

The first new list was released this morning and showed the film Red Notice was easily the most watched new film with over 148 million hours of streaming. That’s an awful lot of homes around the world (including Australia) without exposure to TV commercials! It was the biggest opening week for a movie on Netflix.

Netflix says it will release weekly the top 10 lists containing movies and series in the English- and non-English-speaking world every Tuesday. The lists will reflect total viewing time, rather than the previous metric of at least two minutes of viewing time calculated as viewing. A view of both original and licensed fare will be captured from Monday to Sunday the previous week for both original and licensed titles.

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