NSW Victoria border fully open to vaccination on Friday

The border between Australia’s two largest states opens at midnight, announced the New South Wales and Victorian prime ministers.

It is the first time in six months that all of Australia has been considered a green zone for a trip to Victoria, according to a statement released Thursday night. But some restrictions remain for unvaccinated Victorians trying to reach NSW.

As of 23:59 on Thursday, fully vaccinated travelers will still need permission to enter Victoria but will not have to be tested or quarantined.

Victoria Police stop motorists from entering the state at the NSW Victoria border at Albury in January. (Jason Robins)

There are no requirements for fully vaccinated Victorians entering NSW, but anyone over the age of 16 who has not had two stings will not be allowed to enter for entertainment or a holiday.

NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet and Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews both thanked residents for making the change possible by vaccinating.

“Thanks to the incredibly hard work of Victorians and people in New South Wales to get vaccinated, we are excited to once again be able to have a free trip between the two states again,” Mr Andrews said.

“Victoria and New South Wales have been through so much in recent months, and we are delighted that more families will now be able to get together in time for Christmas and the holiday season.”

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