One thing we learned about every NFL team in Week 10 of the 2021 season: Leaders are back, Patriots really

Week 10 of the 2021 NFL season is officially in the books. The Lions did not lose (or win). Russell Wilson was shut down. Tom Brady didn’t feel much better. The Patriots vaporized the Browns. The Chiefs certainly look as if they’re back to normal … and that was only a fraction of this week’s action.

But what did we learn about each of the 32 teams in the process? We are so glad you asked. As Week 11 approaches, we look below at one thing we took away from each team:

They need Kyler Murray back. Colt McCoy will never be a sustainable frontman for their offensive attack, and he couldn’t even survive a full game against the Panthers ’defense. Arizona needs a spark for its march to the playoffs.

They are not challengers. Anyway someone bought too many shares in the revival led by Matt Ryan. Like everyone else on the team, Ryan was a bad Sunday, but the young and fruitless defense of this club was really exposed in Dallas.

The AFC North is theirs if they want it. They weren’t dominant themselves, but with the Browns sinking and the Steelers struggling to tie the Lions, they have a very viable path to a division title if they can win where they should.

Their defense is still legitimate. Lost in the Week 9 talk of their impressive loss to the Jags was recognition for their “D,” which turned out to be a turn-by-turn against New York. When everything clicks, they are still perhaps the AFC team to win.

It’s Cam Newton’s show now. Say what you want about PJ Walker getting the win as the official starter, but Cam couldn’t have a more electric debut in Arizona. Now, Matt Rhule would be foolish not to ride the radiant energy of the new (old) face.

They are still in the competition of jokers. To be clear, we’re not really buying the idea that they’ll make a run, at least until Justin Fields gets more help, but beyond the division leaders, the NFC is full of marginal challengers right now.

They haven’t come out yet. They have really hit their last two times, but thanks to mistakes by the Browns and Steelers, they still have a way back into the division race.

Baker Mayfield’s future in Cleveland is unclear. It may have been before, but even more so now. Kevin Stefanski’s offense didn’t help, but Mayfield was again uneven and beaten on Sunday. Suddenly, the Browns are in last place.

The offense is just fine. A week after tripping over themselves against Denver, the Cowboys were back to their explosive selves against the Hawks, absolutely burning Atlanta.

Teddy Bridgewater is not. Already evident in a few rounds, but he was neither good enough nor motivated enough against the Eagles, refusing to even try gear on Darius Slay’s game-changing fumble return.

Jared Goff has to go. Detroit was lucky to escape with a draw against Pittsburgh, as Goff did almost nothing to help them win. He was beaten, yes, but he was now mediocre at best for most of the 0-8-1 season.

Their defense is really round in shape. It was great to have Aaron Rodgers back, but you know who really defeated the Seahawks? Rashan Gary and De’Vondre Campbell and Kevin King and Eric Stokes and all the pieces of their “D.”

They are probably the worst team in the NFL. The record has already indicated that, but the Lions have at least taken the Steelers to overtime, so they’re a notch ahead, right? Ah, who cares, they both need a lot of help.

Their offense runs through Jonathan Taylor. If not for him, they might lose to Jacksonville. Carson Wentz was uneven through the air on an ugly day, but JT’s warm start helped propel Indy to .500.

Their defense is a little better than expected. They are not elite, but they have given themselves a chance against Indy and now rank 20th overall, ahead of teams like the Ravens, Vikings and Titans.

They returned. Or so it seems. Patrick Mahomes finally regained his touch to the tune of five base throws against the Raiders, and Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce both remained busy. Tyrann Mathieu also made a huge impact on “D.”

They are on fire. That makes two straight plays of a pretty lifeless offense from Derek Carr and Co., who got everything from one catch and an expensive fumble by rookie DeSean Jackson. Are we in another late-season collapse?

Their secondary is a problem. And not in a good way. The defense as a whole, to be honest, deserves admonition for the way it falters under Brandon Staley. The approach with Justin Herbert does not help.

Matthew Stafford goes down. After beating on the Seahawks (Russell Wilson injured-finger game), Giants, Lions and Texans over their four-game winning streak, the Rams tough and are losers in two straight. Stafford’s struggles in the passing game were the main reason why as he threw four interceptions during that stretch.

They still need QB help. Tua Tagovailoa may have led them to a concern about Baltimore instead of Jacoby Brissett, but no guy came close to proving that they should be unchallenged going forward.

Justin Jefferson deserves more love. And he gets a lot already, but man, does he change the offense of the Vikings every time he touches the ball. Kirk Cousins ​​trusted him to make games in a close win over LA, and he did just that.

Bill Belichick finds his furrow. They have now won five of their last six, and three of their four losses this year have been one-point defeats. Mac Jones are ultra-effective, and they could just be cunning challengers!

They are fighters. Without Jameis Winston and Alvin Kamara, they still looked like a bad challenger. A big test will be how they handle the quietly improving Eagles in Week 11.

It is now or never in the NFC East. The Cowboys already have the division almost wrapped up, but with the Eagles now at 4-6 with an easy schedule on tap, the Gs have to step up now for any shot to save their season.

Mike White is not a legend. After all that hype, some of it generated by White himself, throwing four picks in an ugly loss to Buffalo sealed the deal: Zach Wilson will be back under center when he is ready.

The Jalen Hurts-Nick Sirianni pairing is progressing. Sirianni finally made the ground game his focus, and Hurts looked best since Week 1 against the Broncos. Do we smell a possible joker?

Their next QB is not on the roster. Mason Rudolph was just so-so on par (!) With the undefeated Lions, and apparently Dwayne Haskins wasn’t very attractive as an emergency filler. Ben Roethlisberger may no longer be an elite, but he is their most trusted QB.

Deebo Samuel did not reach his ceiling. Even as the 49ers receiver dominates this year, we saw him used a little differently in Week 10. Samuel recorded a career-high five carries (36 yards and a touchdown) and also had 17 clicks where he changed or was in. a move that was tied for the second most of his career. If he starts adding that to his pass catching skills, there is another level to which Samuel can jump.

It’s time to do or die. Russell Wilson was not himself in a bad loss to the Packers. And now, with the NFC West already almost out of reach, they have to kick it into high gear to stay in the wildcard mix ahead of inevitable big-picture conversations in the offseason.

The punishments must go. Bruce Arians said after their reckless loss to Washington: “We’re a very dumb football team.” Fix the pre-captured things, heal a few guys, and they’ll be fine.

Their defensive front is a real X-factor. After Trevor Siemian in a close win over New Orleans there was another reminder that they have an underrated and combative set on “D.”

Washington Soccer Team

Ron Rivera’s defense is not completely dead. Even with Chase Young coming out with a season-ending injury, they got after Tom Brady and interrupted the Buccaneers ’passing game early and often, helping Taylor Heinicke and Co. demand the concern.

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