Pakistani parliamentarians support castration for rapists

Pakistan has introduced chemical castration as a possible punishment for serial rapists under a law that also requires faster trials of alleged sex offenders, a government official says.

Parliament passed the law on Wednesday and it went into effect immediately, government official Waqar Hussain said.

Chemical castration, done through the use of drugs and reversible, is used in Poland, South Korea, the Czech Republic and some US states.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said last year that he wants to introduce punishment amid shouting about growing crimes and the specific case of a mother of two children driving along a major highway that was dragged out of her car and raped by two men by force of arms.

Less than 3 percent of rapists are convicted in courts in Pakistan, according to the nonprofit organization War Against Rape.

Amnesty International has called for investigations into the causes of sexual assault instead of choosing more severe punishments.


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