Patten: Somyurek’s opposition may have “exploded” a Victorian pandemic bill

Reason Party leader Fiona Patten conceded that Adem Somyurek’s decision to block the Victorian government’s controversial pandemic laws may have “exploded the bill”.

The former Labor MP told the Herald Sun that he opposed the bill because it gave the government “too much power”, promising to vote against the proposed laws ahead of a vote on Wednesday.

Ms Patten says she is disappointed by the developments, accusing Mr Somyurek of seeking “revenge” against his former colleagues.

“He may have done well (blew the bill), he certainly seems eager to get some revenge against his colleagues,” she told Sky News Australia.

“I don’t think there is any love lost between Mr. Somyurek and many of the government members, so this may be his last resort and another way to cause some pain to them.

“Victoria is the only state that does not have the capacity to go through crisis and cannot do so indefinitely.

“Victoria could find itself in the very unfortunate situation of not having any capacity to manage or control the global pandemic after our state of emergency ends in December.”


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