Podcaster ate an AirPod, which she confused with ibuprofen and emits it

Podcaster and beautician Carli Bellmer shared her bizarre story of mistakenly consuming an AirPod in a series of TikTok videos (Images: TikTok @iamcarliiib)

A female podcaster and beautician claims she accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods thinking it was ibuprofen and leaked it. In addition, Carli Bellmer shared a voice note she says was recorded from inside her stomach during the strange and frightening incident.

Bellmer, 27, who is @iamcarliiib at TikTok and has more than 3,300 followers, aired her bizarre story this month in a series of posts.

“So like, I ate my f *** an left AirPod,” Bellmer said in a TikTok video that garnered more than 2.4 million views.

“I crawled into bed and I had ibuprofen 800 in one hand and my f *** an AirPod – my left earpiece – in the other,” she said as the “Oh No” trial song played in the background.

Bellmer, who lives in Boston, went on to say that she sprayed what she thought was ibuprofen into her mouth and dropped it with water.

‘I realized then that it was not ibuprofen,’ she said, weeping. ‘I tried to vomit it and it wouldn’t come out, and I f *** lose my mind.’

Some social media users quickly questioned Bellmer’s claim that she recklessly misunderstood the AirPod with the painkiller pill.

‘How do you mix ibuprofen and AirPod?’ one critic said.

‘Sounds like a cap to me,’ another user wrote, suggesting Bellmer lied about the event to gain fame on the Internet.

But others found her story believable.

“In her defense,” a TikTok user said, “Ibuprofen 800 is huge so they kind of look like an AirPod if you’re distracted.”

Others worried about Bellmer’s well-being.

In another post, Bellmer assured viewers that an X-ray photo showed the AirPod leaving her body with feces.

– I had the feeling that I had passed it. I didn’t pick it up, but I know it’s past, ’Bellmer wrote. ‘I know it was in my stomach and it’s gone.’

In a third post, Bellmer shared a voice note the AirPod, apparently still attached to her iPhone, sent to a friend while in her stomach.

‘It’s funny now,’ said Bellmer. ‘But very scary at the time.’

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