Pope: Do not judge the poor, often victims of injustice

Pope Francis deplores society, which “rushes past” the poor, judges them, and leaves them to their own devices.

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis denounced societies that rush indifferently past the poor, often judging them instead of helping them, as he celebrated Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, which is attended by 2,000 poor people.

During his homily, Francis also made the appeal against what he called “growing indifference” to the poor, who, he said, are often forced into poverty because of injustice.

Francis has used his papacy since 2013 to draw the attention of those living on the margins of society. The Catholic Church dedicated the day to the poor of the world.

“We are part of a history marked by affliction, violence, suffering and injustice, always awaiting liberation that never seems to come,” Francis said. “Those who are most wounded, oppressed and even crushed are the poor, the weakest mallets in the chain.”

He said, focusing on the poor, the Church “asks us not to turn away, not to be afraid to look in detail at the suffering of those most vulnerable.”

The pope lamented the “poverty into which they are often forced, victims of injustice and the inequality of a disposable society that rushes by without seeing them and unscrupulously leaves them to their fate.”

The pope did not specifically cite the impact of climate change on the poor, who could be forced to flee their homes due to droughts and floods.

But Francis added that “if our hope does not translate into decisions and concrete gestures of care, justice, solidarity and care for our common home, the sufferings of the poor will not be alleviated, the economy of waste that forces them to live on the margins will be . do not be converted, their expectations will not return. ”

He urged people to improve the world by “breaking bread with the hungry, working for justice, raising the poor and restoring their dignity.”

Charities were among those invited to the Mass, along with those they help.

Francis issued a plea to bring hope to the world by “softness to the poor, without judging them.”


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