Pro-Abortion Students Destroy Pro-Life Memorial at Catholic School

Pro-abortion students in St. Louis University in Missouri was recorded Monday when they vandalized a monument to aborted babies created by pro-life students on the campus of the Catholic school, which is operated by Jesuits.

Nick Baker, organizer of Students for Life, shared the video of the destruction of a cruciform flag monument, to honor about 800,000 babies aborted in 2019, and the subsequent confrontation he had with one of the pro-abortion students several days later, the Daily Mail reported.

On Monday, two female abortion advocates harassed Baker for “embarrassing” women with the monument that was approved by the university.

Student identified by the Daily Mail as Fiorella Michelis tried to tear down the monument and then, later on, is heard in the video angrily telling Baker, “I’ll keep killing f ***** g babies!”

Michelis and her companion, who identifies themselves in the video as Olivia Jarrell, are then seen kicking the flags that made up the cross screen, pulling them off the ground, and stepping through the area.

“So, you just love disrespecting women,” Jarrell tells Baker in the video and asks if he built the screen.

When Baker acknowledges that he and fellow Students for Life members created the monument, the student identified as Michelis responds, “Yes, a man who has no right to tell women what to do with their bodies or try to shame them or try to make them feel guilty. decisions they have every right to make. ”

According to the news report, two other students are approaching the confrontation, and a man asks the pro-abortion students, “Would you please just let them have their affair?” The student identified as Michelis is heard fighting, “Why can’t you just leave women alone?”

The student proposes that the memorial “help us remember the people who were aborted” and asks the students to “respect the free expression of these people.”

The student, who identified himself as Jarrell, asks, “If a woman who had an abortion passed by, how do you think she would feel about this?”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t feel great, but that’s why we need to contact them and help them,” the male student is heard responding but is cut off from the pro-abortion students.

“They’re the ones who are ashamed of them, so how can they offer any condolences or anything?” Michelis is heard protesting. “How does this help anyone?”

On Wednesday, when the student identified when Michelis approached Baker on the sidewalk, he recorded her when she was smoking him.

“People hate you,” she is heard to say. “You are an abominable misogynist, and you know that karma will catch you. You’ll see it when you die, and hopefully you’ll go to hell. ”

“You can see my pictures, you can see how beautiful I am, how good a life I have,” she continues in the video. “And what do you have?” You are a loser, and you think you can tell other people what to do with their f ***** g bodies. ”

When Baker informs her most of the members of Students for Life are women, Michelis is heard saying in the video, “You’re just really enjoying your life because I’m going to enjoy mine. And I’m going to keep killing babies.”

According to the Daily Mail, Baker confirmed that Michelis is one of the women he filmed desecrating the monument and the student who scolded him on Wednesday and claimed she would “continue to kill babies”.

The report noted that five more students were recorded desecrating the memorial when Isabelle Hotard, president of the St. Louis University Students for Life chapter, approached them and asked them to leave the flags on the ground. The students then dropped the flags on the ground and left.

A university spokesman confirmed to the Daily Mail the school is conducting an investigation into the destruction of the monument.

The university takes “seriously any alleged violation of our Community Standards, and has policies and processes in place to address concerns when they are reported,” the spokesman reportedly said.

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