Reader letter: Remembrance Day is always an important time to reflect on Canadians who have served

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Every Remembrance Day, when those who served our Nation’s Canadian Armed Forces are honored, we are reminded of the precious blood shed to defend our democracy.

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In both World War I and World War II more than 77,000 Canadians perished with 177,000 wounded. In World War II, more than 1,159,000 Canadians served with 39,000 veterans still surviving.

Canadian Armed Forces participated in dozens of international peace support efforts with approximately 1,800 making the ultimate sacrifice in defense of peace and freedom. The Korean War, considered a war against the forces of international Communism and Canada’s third bloodiest conflict saw 516 Canadian lives lost and 1,200 wounded.

Canada contributed battleships and fighter jets during the Iraq war as part of an International Coalition that successfully liberated Kuwait.

Canadian troops were deployed to Afghanistan beginning in 2001, losing 158 troops with more than 2,000 suffering both physical and emotional injuries.

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The horrors of war can manifest in what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), with symptoms of dissociative experiences and self-destructive tendencies.

Remembering those precious lives lost, don’t forget those veterans physically mutilated or psychologically scarred by the ugliness of war.

Canadians should be very proud of its military forces and that they are world leaders in international peacekeeping.

Hopefully, humanity will one day finally realize the folly of war and Canadian pacifists will no longer be needed.

So That We Forget.

Peter Middlemore Sr., Windsor

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