Retired Gulf national convicted of 4 counts of theft and drug addiction

The Court of Appeal reduced the sentence of a retired Gulf national who was convicted of four counts of taking prohibited drugs and three counts of theft in one of the places of the Emirate of Burden, from two years to three months in prison, and a fine of 3000 dirhams.

In detail, three cases were opened against an unknown person in the Charge Prosecutor, where a person was suspected of attempting to steal electrical cables from a station belonging to one of the federal government agencies in the region.Civil property, such as theft of backups. parts, electrical cables and iron, so that he could later sell them and get money for them.

Asking the Charge Court Authority the accused on the three charges against him, he confessed to making them, but he informed the authority that when he committed the three crimes he was not fully aware, due to the use of narcotics, what he does does his act without full awareness of them, or the intent and ill-intention in them, Emphasizing that while he was using narcotic substances, he came up with the idea of ​​selling electric cables and scrap metal and others, to sell them and get money for them valued at 3000 dirhams, or more, depending on the amount of cables or debris.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charge of drug use, to be tried on four counts, after opening a criminal case against him, which consisted of three counts of theft, in addition to the charge of using narcotic substances in cases other than those legally authorized. , while the Court of First Instance convicted him of the charges and imprisoned him for two years, and a fine against him for the charges against him.

With the issuance of the verdict, the defendant did not accept it, and he appealed to veto it, and referred it to the Court of Appeal, and the defendant admitted that he did not remember any of the crimes for which he had been convicted, due to his lack of awareness in them, due to the use of narcotic substances, and therefore the Court of Appeal decided to reduce the sentence against him from imprisonment.Two years to three months imprisonment, and a fine not exceeding 3000 dirhams.

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