Roig: “Submarines” inspired Al-Dosari – Al-Ittihad Newspaper

Murad Al Masri (Dubai)

Fernando Roig, owner and president of Spanish club Villarreal, confirmed that the presence of Saudi Arabia’s Salem Al-Dosari in the team three years ago helped the player during his career, which then went through a positive period, either with Al-Hilal or with his country. .
Roig’s speech came in response to a question from the “Sports Federation” at the meeting with video technology organized by the Spanish League “La Liga”, and he said: I remember Al-Dosari, he had a good experience because he had a very good time. season, and the fact that he was able to train, play in Villarreal helped him well in his career, as he joined a team that had a very good squad at the time, and if there are good players in the Saudi League. , we are interested in including them, and repeating the experience again.
Roig responded to the news linking Unai Emery, the submarine coach, and Newcastle, and said: Emery has experience in Europe, which has helped us win the European League title.
Roig stressed that the 25-year period as owner and president of the club made him go through different stages and feelings, but he thinks the success of a team in town makes the “yellow submarines” a “spherical miracle,” and he said: It’s no secret in our success other than concentrating on the academy, where We always attract the best coaches, and strive to train young men and women in the best way possible, and give them the opportunity, as long as our contracts are. just for the jobs we need.
Roig pointed out that winning the European League title is a “breaking point” in the club’s history, and said: “It represented a great sporting and market boost for us, and most importantly, it gave us the ticket to take part in the Champions League this season, and I think our chance to get through the group stage depends on the fate of the last match against Atalanta in the Italian city of Bergamo.
Roig thinks the idea of ​​winning the Spanish League title seems like an impossible dream, and he said: Winning the league title is very difficult, especially in the “La Liga”, which he considered the best in the world, because that means. provide the strongest performance in 38 games, while winning European titles seems more logical. Especially since its matches are played in a playoff system and fewer matches are played.
The president of Villarreal refused to choose a particular player, whom he considers the best in the history of Villarreal, and said: Riquelme, Forlan, Siena and many others, each of them has a special contribution to what we have achieved today, so all are part of our history.


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