Rumors of MLB: Yankees, Braves, Dodgers among a growing list of Justin Verlander’s suitors

As we count the days until the CBA expires on December 1, we have some action on the MLB fame. So now let’s take a quick walk through those sun-stained meadows of a scooter …

Yankees, Dodgers, Braves in on Verlander

Champion Braves may be looking to add a veteran arm to his rotation, and a certain two-time Cy Young winner may be interested:

Verlander has pitched in one game in the last two seasons due to Tommy John surgery, and he is not exactly known as a 39-year-old coming out of a lengthy rehabilitation process. All of this, however, means that Verlander is likely to end up signing a short-term deal – one or two years, perhaps with a call option. Such a short-term commitment should be attractive to a winning-now team like the Braves. It is worth mentioning that when Verlander last presented a full season, in 2019, he won the AL Cy Young award.

If this pairing happens, then Verlander would join a Braves rotation that already includes Max Fried, Charlie Morton, Ian Anderson, and, hopefully, Mike Soroka by early summer.

As for the Yankees, who are expected to be quite active this winter, they are also looking at Verlander:

Ace Gerrit Cole cleverly pins the front end for the Yankees, but after that there is some uncertainty and unknown amounts. As noted, Verlander is hardly a guaranteed producer in 2022, but he would add another option with better performance for the Yankees.

Yes, you can also throw the dodgers into the growing battle:

The Dodgers face the potential free losses of Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer, so it makes sense that any eventual plans would be in place. The bigger lesson here is that Verlander will be of interest to any likely challenger willing to make bona fide investments on the list.

Sixth year sticking point with Freeman, Braves

Freddie Freeman, a top baseman and warrior poet of the world champion Atlanta Braves, is a free agent. Although it is widely expected that the Braves will be revived there, it is not given, and reportedly there is still a major gap in negotiations between the two sides. More from Jon Heyman of MLB Network:

A six-year pact would lock Freeman through his age-37 campaign. That would probably extend well into its declining phase, but that’s how these things go for current superstars on the free agent market – you get great production at the front end and pay for it at the back end. Freeman is still at or near the peak of his skills at the plate and figures to be a difference maker at the plate for at least the next handful of seasons. Considering the Braves are pretty obvious in a win-now mode, Freeman is an essential piece for them. And that’s to say nothing about his huge popularity at the fan base. Other teams are definitely interested – including the Yankees – but the guess remains that the Braves and Freeman are doing something. For now, however, nothing is certain.

Twins are careful to trade with Buxton

head shot image

After a disappointing 2021 season, the Twins, who won the AL Central title in 2019 and 2020, may be looking to pivot. As part of such a change, swapping outfield midfielder Byron Buxton, who is entering his walking year in 2022, could be attractive to the team. However, that may not happen, mostly because Twins fans may not be able to stand it. Here’s Dan Hayes and Ken Rosenthal from The Athletic:

“President Jim Pohlad, according to major league sources, is reluctant to move Buxton, knowing that such a decision might upset an admirer tired of seeing the team part with home-made stars. But the Gemini have not reached a contract deal. a midfielder who is eligible for free agency after the 2022 season. And the chances of the team returning to contention in Buxton’s final year under club control seem slim without a single veteran starting pitcher returning to the club’s rotation. “

Buxton is one of the best defensive midfield players in baseball, and he is a great base runner. Also, he has cultivated a powerful power swing at the plate for the last few seasons. The thing with Buxton, though, is health. Only once, in 2017, did he manage to play at least 100 games in a major league season. The top remains real and tempting for the soon-to-be 28-year-old, but his inability to stay healthy is equally undeniable.

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