San Francisco Expands COVID-19 Vaccination Policy – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – The San Francisco Department of Public Health is expanding the accelerator to all adults 18 and older, provided they qualify according to the time of the previous dose of vaccine.

On Saturday, KPIX met Shannon Scott at a vaccination clinic in the Bayview. She was there to get her boost.

“I just decided today is the day,” Scott said. “When I found out they were giving them here, I immediately came to get mine.”

According to FDA recommendations, seniors, people with underlying illnesses, people who work in long-term care facilities, and those who work in high-risk settings are currently eligible for an acceleration shot.

However, SFDPH does not want to turn people away from accelerators, as case frequencies are increasing in the city with the upcoming holiday season.

“We are taking a broad approach to COVID-19 accelerations, realizing that people are at risk of acquiring COVID or spreading it as we enter the busy holiday season,” said Director of Health Dr Grant Colfax. “We are already seeing an increase in cases and that could mean hospitalization for some vulnerable people, even if they are fully vaccinated. We emphasized that boosts are essential for more at-risk individuals, but now it is clear we need a lot more people to get a boost so that we can protect ourselves, our families and friends, and our community.

Dr Malathi Srinivasan, with Stanford Healthcare, tells KPIX that the accelerator is “incredibly safe and very effective.”

“Winter is coming and winter hike is coming unless we all do collective action,” she said. “Pfizer is the first of the gateway with the new vaccine data. It shows that the accelerator reduces your chances of getting COVID by 95%.”

Walgreens in the Marine District was busy managing acceleration shots on Saturday.

“My daughter came to get her accelerator today,” said Paolien Hung, who lives in San Francisco. “I think it’s a wonderful thing. Everyone has to do it. Then we can move on with a normal life. It works. “


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