Seth Meyers sees the “Stupidest” GOP Defense of Deputy Paul Gosar’s Murderous Anime

On Thursday’s episode of “Late Night,” host Meyers noted how when President Joe Biden this week signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, Republicans were busy defending Gosar for posting the murder anime. Gosar refused to apologize for sharing the clip and was formally censored by the House and stripped of his committee duties.

“To Republicans complaining that this is a waste of time, this whole thing would be a lot easier and would take up a lot less time if you were just willing to step forward and say it’s a deeply stupid tweet,” Meyers said. “But to be fair, he’s a deeply stupid man.”

Deputy Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) “sacrificed perhaps the dumbest defense,” Meyers said, saying he couldn’t find the violence in the video while freezing it.

“Our political system cannot function in such a way where one party, due to all its many flaws, tries to govern responsibly and the other wants to burn everything,” Meyers said.

Watch Meyers’ monologue here:


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