Seth Rogen of Vancouver invented this beautiful rolling tray

Vancouver-born actor, comedian and cannabis connoisseur Seth Rogen recently announced a completely new invention: the “all-in-one rolling tray”.

In a video posted to his Twitter account, Rogen showed how to use the beautifully glazed ceramic tray, a product of Rogan Houseplant’s hemp company.

“If you’re like me, you roll a lot of joints, so many joints that you’ve decided you have to invent your own rolling tray to accommodate your common rolling needs,” Rogen said in presenting the product to his Twitter followers.

Although Rogen doesn’t mention who made the tray, it certainly looks like his unique style. We have presented some of his pottery before because he often sells it for charitable things and because it is very striking.

The tray comes with a wide bowl to catch any fallen bud, rolling paper bin and ashtray. Rogen showed how to use the tray by skillfully rolling a doobie in less than 30 seconds flat (we think he might have done that once or twice).

If we had to argue with the design, there is no crack for it Rogen’s own table lighter brand but it is certainly a piece that stands well on its own.

To be sidelined by new products or updates with Houseplant, Rogen encouraged followers to observe the early access section of his company’s website.

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