Simu Liu Reveals The 10 Things He Loves About Toronto and He Knows His F * t (VIDEO)

If you didn’t know that Simu Liu is a proper Toronto kid, this video about him listing his favorite things about the 6ix will definitely prove that point.

Liu has always been openly proud of his Canadian roots, and he has really flexed his knowledge in his latest commercial.

First, Liu shouts at all of Toronto’s musicians – from Drake and The Weeknd to Shawn Mendes and Alessia Cara – and says the 6ix is ​​a “talented hotspot,” which we assume he’d know.

Then there is the food that Liu has been talking about for a long time. He told Narcity in September 2021 about the restaurants he craves when he returns to town, whether it’s his mom’s pasta or the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse.

He mentions a number of classic Toronto locations – Square One shopping center in Mississauga, the CN Tower, High Park and Trinity Bellwoods – and talks about the Skydome for the Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors.

“This is a team you can go back to, this is a team for which it’s easy to take root,” he says. “We love our kids.”

And, finally, Liu says that people are what he really loves about his hometown.

“There’s really nothing like the feeling of driving down the Gardiner, seeing the CN Tower, seeing the Toronto silhouette and knowing I’m at home among my people,” Liu explains. Toronto will always have that special place in my heart. “

And if it’s still sweet to talk about the city, Toronto will always have a special place for him too!


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