“SNL” hits Cruz for labeling “propaganda” about Big Bird vaccine.

“Saturday Night Live” hit Sen. Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzSunday shows preview: Biden administration faces inflation spike McConnell won’t go to White House signing ceremony for infrastructure bill General surgeon reprimands McConaughey over vaccinations for children MORE (R-Texas) during the latest episode of the sketch comedy show to tag Big Bird’s tweet about vaccines as “propaganda.”

The show opened with an episode of “Ted Cruz Street,” a parody of the children’s show “Sesame Street,” which, according to “SNL,” aired on “Newsmax Kids.”

Cruz, played by cast member Aidy Bryant, welcomed the audience to his eponymous show, quickly noting his controversial opposition to Big Bird’s vaccine lobbying. Cruz made headlines last week when he said a Big Bird tweet advertising the vaccine against COVID-19 was “propaganda,” despite decades of “Sesame Street” character promoting inoculations.

“Hello, I am [a] Texas Senator and [the] the last guest on Thanksgiving, Ted Cruz, ”said Bryant Cruz.

“You know, for 50 years I stood while‘ Sesame Street ’taught our children dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness. But when Big Bird told kids to get vaccinated against a deadly disease, I said, ‘enough’. And I created my own ‘Sesame Street’ called ‘Cruz Street’. It is a closed community where children are safe from the awakened government, ”he added.

The first character to appear in the episode of “Cruz Street” was Rep. Marjorie Taylor GreeneMarjorie Taylor GreeneGOP efforts to mitigate danger of Capitol riot increase The Note: What now for anti-Trump Republicans? Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will meet Trump “soon” in Florida MORE (R-Ga.), Played by cast member Cecily Strong, who walked onto the stage using an AR-15 gun.

Asked by Cruz what she is doing in the area, the congresswoman said she “takes a break from publishing the phone numbers of Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill so that they and their families receive death threats.”

Strong’s Greene then said the “Cruz Street” episode was sponsored by “Q, not the man’s letter,” adding that he would “reveal himself and help.” President TrumpDonald TrumpTrump criticizes McConnell, saying a senator should attend Biden’s signing ceremony. A former Trump administration aide says she was warned about playing Taylor Swift music at the White House Trump faces legal challenges keeping January 6 committee documents MORE to regain his rightful throne. “

Big Bird, played by cast member Kyle Mooney, was then featured on stage. The fictional figure said his feathers fell out and he was not feeling well, possibly because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cruz de Bryant then called “Ted Cruz Street” a resident medical expert, Joe Rogan, played by cast member Pete Davidson, on set. Rogan, an outspoken vaccine skeptic, advised NFL player Aaron Rodgers after his diagnosis of COVID-19.

“I used to host‘ Fear Factor ’and now doctors scare me,” Rogans of Davidson said.

He then recommended that Big Bird take zinc and “horse medicine” for his ailments.

“Well, why would a bird take horse medicine?” asked the Great Bird of Mooney.

“I’m a man and I took horse medicine,” Rogan de Davidson replied.

Later in the fictional episode, Bryant Cruz teased that after a commercial break the show would introduce “The Recount” Count, played by Aristotle Athari, to “discover how Trump definitely won the election.”

“I’m moving to Arizona,” said the Earl of Athari, followed by laughter.

The Hill contacted Cruz for comment.


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