“SNL”: Taylor Swift debuts an expanded version of “Too Good”

Taylor Swift paralyzed time with the live television debut of her expanded version of “All Too Well” on Saturday Night Live this week. Released on November 12, the 10-minute track comes from Red (Taylor version), her second transcribed album from her catalog. Instead of performing two songs as musical guests usually do SNL, Swift played only that song from her latest album during her fifth stint on the show.

The backdrop to Swift’s touching live performance of “All Too Well” was its corresponding short film, which the singer wrote, directed and starred in and features Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. As she belted the end of the cult-favorite power ballad, fake snow cascaded down Swift’s shoulders mirroring the sight behind her.

Featured in the 13-minute short film are tributes to the symbolism embedded in the song’s verses: the infamous scarf, which was reportedly left in a drawer at Maggie Gyllenhaal’s home, and a dance between Sink and O’Brien in the refrigerator the kitchen. light. The short film was also filled with Easter eggs like the color of Sink’s hair, a red typewriter and even a 13-year-old lightning striker from Sink and O’Brien’s breakup.

Initially released in 2012, Red was transcribed after the original masters were sold by Swift’s Big Machine label to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. Red (Taylor version) features a 30-song tracklist with songs “From the Vault” – which didn’t originally make the album – and collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Phoebe Bridgers and Ed Sheeran. Swift shared her first re-recorded classic Fearless (Taylor’s version) in April which exploded on the charts.

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