‘Snow Blasts,’ Graupel and High Winds Expected in Chicago Area Friday – NBC Chicago

Parts of the Chicago area could see “snow blasts” mixed with high winds, graupel and mixed rainfall on Friday.

Across the area, scattered snow showers are expected to form during the morning hours, with some possibly experiencing bursts of snowfall which, if paired with gusty winds of up to 35 mph, could reduce visibility on area roads, especially for afternoon commuters.

As temperatures continue to plunge, the mixed precipitation is expected to turn to strictly snow before the early afternoon and evening hours, although again, the snow showers will remain scattered.

The heavy rains are expected to peak starting around 10 am and continuing through about 8 pm, with widespread scattered snow expected at about 3 pm

Models show anywhere from 50-80% of the area could experience snow.

Fortunately for drivers, the snow is unlikely to stick due to hot ground conditions, as well as high temperatures that are still expected to barely crawl above the 40-degree mark, but untreated areas, including bridge decks and overpasses, could still be made. smooth, so drivers are encouraged to take precautions.

Things will temporarily dry up on Saturday, but before the evening hours, light snow showers are expected to return, especially to the northern suburbs, as a shear system begins to pass through the Chicago area.

That precipitation is expected to stay around for part of Sunday, with some mixed precipitation possible in southern areas of the NBC 5 viewing area and more snowfall possible in the northern suburbs and into northwestern Indiana.

The NBC 5 Storm Team will continue to refine its forecasts as the low-pressure and shear systems approach, and you can find more information about the NBC 5 application.


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