Speakeasy’s first Pathway to Partnership site opens

The first site being opened through the Speakeasy Group’s Road to Partnership Program finally opened its doors in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Pearl Diver Cocktails & Oysters (PDCO) was created, developed and opened by Alex Boon and Pez Collier, having been chosen as the first to receive the program’s $ 250,000 in setup support. The program enables participants to open their own venue with the support, mentoring and financial support of the Speakeasy Group and its Directors Greg Sanderson and Sven Almenning.

PDCO, as you may be guessing, is a cocktail and oyster bar that aims to deliver the freshest cocktails from around Australia and also specialize in seasonal produce cocktails.

“At PDCO we champion oysters and their land with the same level of detail and respect that one would find a sommelier talking about wine or a bartender talking about spirits; but most of all we aim to create a fun and memorable experience, ”says Alex.

When the couple was originally chosen for the program, Pez recounted The Shouts sister title Bars and Clubs, which was their inspiration for the bar.

‘I think the inspiration has always been to create a place we would love to go to as guests. We want to create a fun and engaging environment and deliver a unique experience in terms of product and service.

“Alex and I both have a long-standing love for well-made cocktails and oysters and we really want to advocate that combination. We are lucky here in Australia in terms of the quality of products available to us for use in food and drink and we are very inspired by this those ingredients.

“Much of the concept is built around emphasizing and emphasizing the quality of these products, especially seasonal fruits and fresh oysters.”

Alex said Bars and Clubs: “The PDCO Cocktail menu will be divided into three sections:

“Market: This section is about seasonality! Cocktails created to highlight the freshest seasonal products available at that time, we will be looking to change this menu once a month. Cocktails in this section will be fresh and fruit forward, lively and lively.

“Signature: This section is about highlighting the team’s creativity and offering us a chance to be more adventurous in terms of ingredients, preparations, techniques and delivery. This part of the cocktail offering will change about twice a year.

“House: This section is our rewritten classic section where we take down some of our favorite drinks and rebuild them in the PDCO way, without straying too far from the core elements of the original.

“We’ll also have our eponymous cocktail available at all times, again we’ll be breaking down the classic recipe of Don the Beachcomber’s tiki variety of hot buttered rum and using the core elements to rebuild the drink in our own way.

“The atmosphere we want to create is based on real hospitality and good times, first we want to create a space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable to enjoy themselves. Whether you love or hate oysters, you are always welcome to come for a great drink, a chat and a great time. “

Located in the Theater District at the upper end of the Melbourne CBD, PDCO has undergone a six-month renovation and a space has emerged that will undoubtedly host a relaxed but vibrant crowd. The 100 seats are divided into comfortable banquets, bar seats, high tops and an impressive shared table that serves as a private dining room, featuring an icy oyster that runs its length well.

Bathed in natural light from the facade facing Little Bourke Street, PDCO’s high concrete ceilings are fitted with elegant draping, ensuring that while vibrant, the site is never uncomfortably noisy. Wooden panels, textured motifs and soft furniture adorn the cohesive space creating an amazing bar, along the lines we expected from the group’s other venues such as Eau-de-Vie, Nick & Nora’s, Boilermaker House and Mjolner.

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