Steph Curry gets MVP chants against Cavs in a second straight road game

Whether in Brooklyn, Cleveland or San Francisco, it seems like NBA fans have a pretty good idea, which is the first for an MVP so far this season. Hearing MVP chants during a win over Kevin Durant and the Nets on Tuesday, fans at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse also showed their respect for Steph Curry as the Warriors completed a wild comeback against the Cavaliers on Thursday.

Curry poured in 40 points and connected on nine 3-pointers for the third time in the past four games as the Warriors overcame a 13-point deficit entering the fourth quarter to cruise to a 104-89 victory in Cleveland.

“I mean, I appreciate it, but I don’t think too much about it,” Curry said after the win. “It’s very reminiscent of 2014-2018 when we had a lot of support and a big following at road games and all of that. So we want to eat out of that and give them something to enjoy during the game, or else they come out and it’s just a bunch of Warrior mannequins are just sitting just watching, so you want to give them something to really get excited about. ”

Fans both at home and at road games have had a lot to get excited about Curry and the Warriors so far. Having an NBA best 13-2 record, Curry was the backbone of this team.

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Steph has the best net rating in the NBA among rookies (19.0) and has extended his lead for the winning title (29.5 PPG) over Kevin Durant (28.6). Despite leading the NBA in 3-point attempts per game, Curry shoots 41.9 percent from behind the arc.

There is no one close to Curry in the race for MVP at this stage, and if the Warriors can stay in the top three or four places in the Western Conference standings, Steph should easily bring home his third NBA MVP trophy.

“It’s like you get into a street fight and you have Mike Tyson on your side, how of course you have a lot of faith in the world because you know Mike Tyson beats people,” Juan Toscano-Anderson said. of Curry after the game. “When you got the best basketball player in the world and I said this before the season started, I think Steph Curry is the best basketball player in the world. So when you got him on your team, that gives you all faith. “

The last two road masses the Warriors played before seem to agree with Tuscan-Anderson. We’ll see if Steph gets a similar reception when the Warriors play in Detroit against the Pistons on Friday night.

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