Suspected Tornado Touches Down On Long Island – CBS New York

LEVITTOWN, NY (CBSNew York) – A suspected tornado hit Long Island on Saturday, leaving many people running for cover.

As Kiran Dhillon of CBS2 reports, the storm was rapid but intense. Strong winds brought a tree down on a car in Levittown, and many who live in the area say they are just grateful that no one was inside when it happened.

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The winds were fierce and the rain was heavy as the apparent tornado whipped through parts of Long Island, leaving a trail of damage and destruction.

Ann Pizza lives on Hilltop Road in Levitttown. She was shocked when she saw three trees, including one that crashed her neighbor’s car, crashed into her yard.

“It was just a loud explosion and the car alarms, and only all three trees fell at once,” she said. “Since Sandy, nothing like that … With shingles blown off the roof and trees down, they cracked. I call it a tornado. ”

Across the street, the storm also caused chaos at Subin Heo’s home.

“I see the electric pole in our yard is completely broken in half and it’s just hanging there by the wires, and it was just crazy,” Heo said.

The storm lasted only a few moments, but its damage was extensive. Just a few blocks away near the corner of Heather Lane and Clover Lane, a strong wind caused a tree to fall into a home under construction.

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“It’s incredible. I couldn’t believe it. It is a huge tree. And the amount of damage it did, like, you can see, it’s off the slab. It’s crazy. Like, this house needs to be completely demolished and rebuilt, ”said Nick Barberil, a Levittown resident.

Small planes were hijacked at Long Island airport during a storm on November 13, 2021. (Credit: CBS2)

Meanwhile, at a nearby airport, several planes were shot down.

Back on Hilltop Road, the storm also caused power outages. Several hours later, homeowners continued to use generators or candles to succeed.

“I tried to walk the dog, but there is so much debris in the sidewalk and street, you can’t even do that, and we’re just going to light a fire tonight and some kind of camp outside … It’s going to be cold. Said Pizarro.

Homeowners say they have called authorities for help with cleaning up, but there is still no notice of when they will arrive.

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Kiran Dhillon of CBS2 contributed to that report.


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