A man who allegedly beat a woman forcibly stole a purse in Greektown wanted by police

TORONTO – Toronto police are asking the public for help in identifying a man who, they say, beat up a woman and stole her wallet earlier this week in the city’s Greektown neighborhood. It took place on Tuesday at about 12:50 pm near Danforth Avenue and Bowden Street. At the time, police claim a man … Read more

Turris wins shootout winner when Oilers win Jets 2-1 in exciting goal duel – Winnipeg

One is a Vezina trophy winner. The other began his fourth career. But it was Stuart Skinner who overtook Connor Hellebuyck when the Edmonton Oilers dropped the Winnipeg Jets 2-1 in a surprisingly entertaining hockey game Thursday night. The Jets tested the 23-year-old early and frequently, throwing 17 shots their way in the opening period … Read more

UAE-Israel agreement to develop unmanned ships

UAE-Israel agreement to develop unmanned ships Friday – 14 Rabbi ‘al-Thani 1443 AH – 19 November 2021 AD Issue no. [ 15697] Al-Bannai, Levi and representatives of the two companies at the time of signing the agreement. (Middle East) Abu Dhabi: “Middle East” The UAE’s Edge Group has signed a strategic agreement with the Israel … Read more

Julius Randle fights and the Knicks are “strange”

The numbers are dropping and so is Julius Randle’s mojo for the moment. After a second loss against the rebuilding Magic Wednesday night, Randle sincerely admitted he was inferior and defined the team’s flow as “weird there.” Randle isn’t the only reason the Knicks initial lineup struggled, but he’s the head of the snake and … Read more

Mike Tyson had wild sex with group members right before fights

Mike Tyson would have sex to “relax” before his boxing bouts because he was filled with so much adrenaline that he feared he would kill his opponents, his former bodyguard says. Rudy Gonzalez – who also served as Tyson’s driver during the 1980s – made the claim during an interview with the Sun, suggesting that … Read more