Taylor Swift Delivers “Burn” to Anyone Who Thinks She Wrote About Them

Taylor Swift delivered a magical comment that only could to make some people from her past feel a little miserable.

The 31-year-old pop star was a Late Night guest Thursday, Nov. 11, where she and host Seth Meyers discussed her latest re-recorded album, Red (Taylor version), which fell that night at midnight. During the chat, Taylor admitted that she feels much calmer about the new version than she was when she released the original Red in 2012.

“It originally appeared about a decade ago, and I was 22, and that release week was so stressful because no one heard any of the music,” she recalled. “It’s like 14 different genres on this album. It’s a real patchwork cover of a genre. I’ve really experimented.”

Taylor explained that she was not only worried then about whether people would enjoy the album but also felt “really sad” about some difficult life experiences. This time, though, it’s a lot different.

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