Taylor Swift’s All Too Good Has Us Reflecting On Age-Gap Relationships

When I was 22, I started meeting with a lawyer in his 30s, with whom I had nothing in common. My age was a lot of buying – initially as a way to put me and my “maturity” against “other girls my age”, then eventually to belittle me for being a “kid”.

And it seems that many other women who have entered into a relationship in early adulthood with someone considerably older than them can relate.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift’s All Too Well was re-released in a 10-minute version, with extra lyrics and an accompanying 14-minute short film, telling the story of an age gap relationship.

It was a major conjecture that the song was inspired by the star’s former relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, who was nine years her senior when they dated more than 10 years ago. Swift has not confirmed whether the story and film are based on personal experience, or entirely fictional. However, the music video with actors Dylan O’Brien, 30, and Sadie Sink, 19, spoke to many people.

Throughout the video, directed by Swift herself, we see a heated argument between the fictional couple in which O’Brien’s character downplays Sink’s character and manipulates her feelings. For many viewers watching, the relationship speaks to the unequal power dynamics that are sometimes found in relationships with a significant age gap.


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