The Dubai establishment reads the future at the “Dubai Airshow 2021”

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The Director General of Housing and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, in the activities of the 17th edition of the “Dubai Airshow 2021”, at its booth No. (1810) at Al Maktoum Airport, is reviewing a package of innovative projects that include the “Reading the Future Initiative” which supports the sectors of public administration and participates in decision-making. Analyzing data and designing future scenarios to ensure the effectiveness of public administration operations by linking public administration systems and programs to the intelligent command and control center system, and monitoring and dealing with emergency events. And monitoring of improvements to facilitate the movement of passengers.

It also presented to the visitors of the exhibition a project of smooth travel of travelers, which will provide a smooth travel experience using the best modern technologies with iris and facial reading, to facilitate and accelerate the process of completing travel procedures within seconds and create smooth. and a safe travel experience, in addition to giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the terms and conditions of golden accommodation and how to Submit it electronically.

Dubai Residency also provides a check-in service at the smart gates during the five days of the exhibition for individuals who have not previously registered so that they can use it during their travel trips and take advantage of this excellent technology that reduces time and effort, and makes traveling a real pleasure and not a heavy burden for the traveler.

Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Director General of the Director General of Housing and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, said this course is completely different from the previous courses in terms of the size of the number of participating entities and the number of aircraft and wings displayed.

We in Dubai want to be a pivotal part of this economic and tourism event and benefit from the course of its events, as the exhibition will illuminate the future of the aviation industry and the mechanisms and protocols for travel and flights, in addition. to host a number of conferences in which experts in this field participate.

Al-Marri added: We will meet with international bodies specialized in the same tasks we practice in administration, and we will present and exchange experiences and views on issues that will advance this vital sector, emphasizing that life after Crown and how to coexist . with “Covid 19” will be among the important topics that will be presented to the Discussion Board with decision makers and partners from other countries.

Lieutenant General Mohamed Al-Marri indicated that this exhibition, which started with only 200 exhibitors and 25 aircraft, is now in 2021 and the number of participants has reached 1200 from 150 countries and 160 aircraft.In the world this would promote this vital sector. , emphasizing that the exhibition has strongly returned in conjunction with the Dubai Exhibition 2020, which will lead to a huge influx of travelers coming to the country and restore its inexhaustible brilliance.


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