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Royal fans welcomed news of the queen’s return to public life, but expressed concerns about the coloring of her hands, which in some cases could be. an indicator of the health status of peripheral cyanosis that can be caused by arterial and blood supply problems.

Stacey G commented in response to one picture posted on the Royal Family’s Twitter account: “I’m glad to see HM up and around. But are her hands in order. They look very cool!”.

Associate Twitter user Alison Howard observed that General Sir Nick Carter’s hand also appeared to have the same nuance, prompting Stacey G to suggest turning on the central heating at Windsor Castle.

Dorset Lis wrote: “Her hands look a little purple compared to her face … that’s not right. “

@VoidofTheLost wrote: “Her hands are bright purple and her skin is pale and yellowish. I’m very worried about the Queen, but I’m afraid not everything is good. “

Erin Saunders wrote: “Why she is hands do purple? She was a little worried she was seeing that. 🙁 “

Another Twitter user Joanne added: “I hate this picture. I’m glad she’s fine, but her hands look so purple and swollen. “

Other royal fans quickly put the discoloration down to old age rather than something too serious.

And Kara Deir wrote, “That happens when you get older. Veins visible through the skin, which gives a blue glow. I have the same, even though I’m far from 95.”
Belhypotheue noted, “Wow, she looks frail. Bless her.”

Kim Chesterfield added: “I’m glad to see The Queen. She lost a little more weight, looking a little frail, but still so healthy, cheerful and an inspiration to us all.”

Her Majesty looked radiant in a floral dress in today’s engagement, which is her first since he missed the Remembrance Sunday service at the Grave Tomb on November 14th.

The Queen held an audience with the Chief of the Defense Staff in the Oak Room of Windsor Castle.

It was held to mark his resignation as head of the armed forces and chief military adviser to the Secretary of State for Defense.


Among the other causes of cyanosis is that of Raynaud, which affects the toes and toes, as well as being in cold air or water or wearing clothes or jewelry that are too tight.

Beta-blockers, a medication used to treat high blood pressure, are also identified as causing it.

Cyanosis is a symptom of many different conditions and its treatment depends on the cause, according to the NHS.

The monarch’s return prompted comments from well-wishers with YeppersForPeppers writing: “Oh thank God, the Universe, her Doctors and the positive energy of all of us who love and admire this icon.”

Another wrote: “Liz we love you !!! God save the queen”.

And CatLadyDi commented: “Even in her 90s, she’s a practical ruler! A way to go Your Majesty!”.

Joanne Weatherby tweeted: “Wonderful to see HM The Queen. I hope she is resting and feeling much better.”

The queen’s spokesman was contacted for comment.

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