Tom Holland reveals he has made secret bar changes in London to prepare for an upcoming “Unchartered” role

Tom Holland has revealed that he has been doing secret bar work in London to prepare for his next role Unchartered.

La Spider-Man star opened up about his secret job in a new interview with GQ.

The interviewer and Holland meet at the Chiltern Fire Station, a luxury hotel in Marylebone, where Holland tells the interviewer that he used to come and do shifts at the bar with staff.

In Unexplored, there is a scene where Holland character Nathan Drake is working behind a bar.

The interviewer explains that Holland told him he would “come in to do shifts with the staff, learn how to mix cocktails, practice trick-or-treating, throw bottles around,” in preparation for his role.

In the same interview, Holland also revealed about working with his co-star on the film, Mark Wahlberg, who worked for the role.

“I saw him walking on the set in his suit and I was like, ‘F ***, he’s twice my size,'” Holland joked. GQ.

The first trailer forUnexplored was released back in October.

The film will see Holland play a younger version of a video game hero, Nathan Drake, and Wahlberg as his mentor, Sully.

Antonio Banderas will also star as a villain rival treasure hunter.

The trailer features several nods to scenes from the popular video game series, which follows Drake and Sully as they begin adventures to recover a lost treasure.

Unexplored will be released on February 18, 2022.

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