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Common Understanding · Joint Agreement · Collective Action and

Breeze from the Forest

Initiative to Promote Environmental Protection Concept “Coexisting with the Earth”

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – November 18, 2021 – Tzu Chi Environmental Action Center (“Action Center”) will be open to the public free of charge from November 20, 2021, after a green restoration of its original sites. With the aim of promoting public awareness of environmental protection, the Action Center will host two art exhibitions, Common Understanding · Common Understanding · Collective Action and Breeze from the Forest in its first season. Each in a unique style carries an equivalent message to ecological care. The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is the funder for the Action Center’s environmental programs, exhibitions and related expenses. In addition to exhibitions, the Jockey Club “Start in the Heart” Environmental Collective Action Program consists of a series of workshops, vegetarian cooking classes, and thematic talks on regime, climate change, and green architecture.

CEO of the Buddhist Mercy Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong Ltd. (“Tzu Chi Hong Kong”) with a representative of the Exhibition Trustees Committee Chung Ling SZE explained, “In addition to the regular educational programs of the Action Center for the community and schools., ‘The Planet Room’ and ‘Jockey Club Eco Co- Creation Space ‘are two spaces designed for exhibition activities share our beliefs on “Common Understanding, Common Understanding, Collective Action”, “Cleaning at Source” and the 7Rs[1] spirit through collaboration with different artists at both spaces; thus, encouraging visitors to practice the environmental concept of ‘Coexisting with the Earth’ ”.

Climate change has caused extreme natural hazards. Over the years, excessive use of fossil fuels, deforestation and breeding, along with over-consumption have severely damaged the ecological environment, leading to seasonal instability and then wind, water, fire and land disasters. Architect with a representative of the Exhibition Curatorship Committee Corrin CHAN pointed out, “When it came to being the vicar of these two exhibitions, our curatorship committee and team adhered to the belief of‘ Coexisting with the Earth ’. Supported by statistical research, the opening exhibition Common Understanding · Joint Agreement · Collective Action reveals the catastrophic footprints of wind disasters, floods, water pollution, forest fires and human behavior on earth through a combination of images, short films, sound installation and exhibits, aiming to connect visitors with their body and mind. The other theme exhibition Breeze from the Forest shows the joy of life with the reuse of wasting wood. “

Open Exhibition – Common Understanding · Joint Agreement · Collective Action at The Planet Room (Permanent Exhibition since November 20, 2021)

The exhibition begins with Common Understanding to the crisis of global warming and its main causes, are reached Joint Agreement among visitors about the importance of eliminating the continuing climate hazards by learning the 7Rs rule, and encourages visitors to become Common Action Taken after waking up, live a simple life by carrying out “Purification at Source,” and achieve harmonious coexistence with our planet.

Recommended viewing sequence for Common Understanding · Joint Agreement · Collective Action is as follows:

Wind – Through short films to see casualties and financial losses across the globe caused by wind disasters, such as tornadoes and tropical cyclones.

Water – An abnormal climate has caused localized flood disasters on the planet, as well as heavy rains and snowstorms one after another, while in some places there have been constant droughts resulting from insufficient rainfall. The interactive installation “Hong Kong in 10 Bottles”Assessed the quality of Hong Kong’s water resources, whose samples were collected from 10 locations in the city by Tzu Chi volunteers from different age groups.

Fire – Forest fires caused by lightning, droughts and human factors not only burn forests and human living facilities, but the toxic smoke they have produced also induces respiratory diseases.

Earth – The impact of human destruction on mountains, forests and land is evident when some severe soil erosion occurs in the midst of earthquakes and heavy rains. Chris CHEUNG’s interactive ink installation (h0nh1m). Carbon Reveries records the astonishing increase in carbon emissions over the past 63 years. 12 bamboo pipes are used to form a bamboo forest. Each corresponds to a set of annual carbon emission data, allowing visitors to rethink the relationship between carbon emission, the vibrancy of nature, and human intervention to the ecosystem. Chris explained, “This work makes visitors feel as if they were in the bamboo grove, breathing in sync with nature and feeling the vibrancy of nature. When visitors touch each bamboo pipe with their own hands, the warm temperature of their palm will make the ink color of the bamboo pipe is gradually withering away, implying human intervention to nature. The entire facility also looks like a set of factory elastic pipes, reminding visitors that global warming is a crisis that does not tolerate further delay. ” Realizing the irregularities of wind, water, fire, and earth, visitors can meditate at the round mediation area to reflect on what has been seen, heard, and felt; along with the round, soft and harmonious sound of singing bowls, the whole arrangement aims to awaken and inspire visitors to environmental protection of the body, mind to consciousness.

Thematic Exhibition – Breeze from the Forest at Jockey Club Eco Co-Creation Space (20 November 2021 to 12 March 2022)

Carpenter Che LAM (Che Gor) has been engaged in handmade woodworking for nearly two decades. Its subject exhibition Breeze from the Forest features a large-scale installation of 108 wooden sharks of various sizes. Hanging horizontally from the ceiling to the ground, this facility brings visitors the pleasure of being in the depths of the ocean, where they look face-to-face with the sharks. As an enthusiastic diver himself, Che Gor thinks sharks are not terrible. The stronger prey of the weaker follows the law of nature, while high-level predators in the food chain like sharks are only small creatures existing in nature, yet the most important link to conserve the marine ecosystem. There are also several different dead and tenon wooden furniture and toys on display at the same site, including tenon wooden stools, wooden radios, wooden boxes with frosted glass featuring begonia flower motifs, wooden mobile phone holders and so on. Che Gor says, “Tzu. The Chi Environmental Action Center’s belief in liking materials coincides with my belief in” trees have life “and the recycling of excess wood and waste from some renovation projects. I believe visitors to the Action- A center will understand the power of environmental protection and use all natural resources in the right way. ” A series of sharing sessions and workshops will take place in December, allowing visitors to create wooden tops, mobile phone handles and experience tenon joints from wooden strollers, and more. For registration and details, please refer to the official website of the Action Center.

Members of the Tzu Chi Environmental Action Center Trust Committee include Chung Ling SZE, Shu Lin LEE, Wing Kam LEUNG, Yuk Lin CHOW, Ching Hsiu HUANG, Man Lee NG and Corrin CHAN. Advisors include Stanley WONG (Anothermountainman) and Chi-ming SHUN (Open Exhibition), while Kathfree FUNG and Sunny WONG are co-curators for both exhibitions.

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[1] The 7R includes RESPECT for all things, both animate and lifeless; FIX things to make them last as long as possible; RECYCLE all resources systematically; REFUSE excessive consumption and packaging; encourage REDITI at the source; REUSE whenever possible; and RETHINK the importance of the symbiosis between humans and Earth.

About Buddhist Mercy Relief Tzu Chi Foundation HK Ltd.

Established in 1993, the Buddhist Mercy Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Hong Kong Ltd. is a non-profit charity supporting the spirit of great-loving kindness with the elements of “Sincerity, Integrity, Faith and Truth” and “Unconditional Goodness. Universal Great Mercy” for more than two decades. In addition to actively promoting charitable works, such as regular visits to hospitals, homes for the blind, nursing homes, the mentally ill, and schools for physically challenged children, Tzu Chi Hong Kong is also involved in other charities of cases, including individual care, services, visits to the homeless, relief and free health care. the Hong Kong chapter is conducive to promoting the humanist culture of Tzu Chi, recommending the teaching of Jing Si Aphorisms, organizing parent-child growth classes for children, and providing financial assistance for the underprivileged students.

In November 2009, Tzu Chi established the first environmental education station in the Tai Wai Liaison Office, where a new impetus was injected to power Tzu Chi’s mission on Hong Kong’s environmental protection. The Hong Kong branch has so far set up a network of 20 environmental recycling stations throughout the city. The total weight of recycled items, including plastic, paper, hardware and glass, accumulated by the community was 268,128 kg in 2019. Tzu Chi started operating the “GREEN @ QUARRY BAY” which is one of the recycling stores of. the “GREEN @ COMMUNITY” program launched by the Department of Environmental Protection. “GREEN @ QUARRY BAY” launched since the end of December 2020 has led Tzu Chi Hong Kong to a new chapter on environmental recycling.

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