UAE-Israel agreement to develop unmanned ships

UAE-Israel agreement to develop unmanned ships

Friday – 14 Rabbi ‘al-Thani 1443 AH – 19 November 2021 AD Issue no. [

Al-Bannai, Levi and representatives of the two companies at the time of signing the agreement. (Middle East)

Abu Dhabi: “Middle East”

The UAE’s Edge Group has signed a strategic agreement with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the joint design of a series of M170-class drones for military and commercial applications. Edge said it will benefit from its subsidiary Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company, a regional leader in the design, construction, repair, maintenance, renovation and conversion of marine and commercial vessels, to partner with the Israel Defense Industries Corporation to develop advanced unmanned vessels. She added, “While the Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding Company will design the platform and work to integrate control systems and payloads and develop the functional concept, the Israeli company will develop the independent control system and integrate different mission payloads into the control systems according to the units. missions. “
Military applications of the drone include intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, border and coastal patrols, maritime security operations, mine detection and investigation, submarine detection, anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare operations, electronic warfare, as well as its use as a platform for vertical landing.
Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and Managing Director of EDGE Group, said: “Through this strategic alliance, we can ensure the best independent operational solutions that reduce risks to human life, address the major challenges of various industries and provide a secure future for all of them. These developments will open many doors for us in the local and global markets, both military and commercial. “
Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI, said: “This MoU brings together the best in technology knowledge from both companies: the marine and commercial naval expertise of Edge Group and Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding, and IAI’s expertise in autonomous systems. Robots and artificial intelligence, to present a joint effort made in the UAE, which increases the opportunities and growth of the companies of the two companies. “
The two parties also signed a memorandum of understanding on establishing a service center for selection of the Israeli company’s systems in the UAE. In addition to maintenance, the center will support the marketing of these systems at the local level. The agreement covers advanced electro-optical systems supplied by the Israeli company, including a set of photovoltaic systems, micro-optical components and stable and multi-sensor monitoring components for terrestrial, marine and aerial applications.
On the other hand, AMOROC, the EDGE Group’s provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for military aircraft, has announced the signing of a contract with the Tunisian Air Force for the planned service stations for the C-130 aircraft and its upgrade.

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