UFC Fight Night 197 game-by-game and live results

Round 1 – Holloway takes center stage and pushes forward. Rodriguez with a few low kicks early. He flashes one high, too. Good pace to start. Rodriguez chopping his leg and climbing high. He is fast with punches, but Holloway jumps forward with a strong right hand. Holloway to the body, too. Holloway fakes a takeoff and then goes to the body. Holloway getting some steam, but Rodriguez with a fuzzy front kick up the middle. Holloway with the sting. Right hand lands. Rodriguez showing nice speed with his hands and lands a kick to the body. He slips but comes back up. Low kicks trade. Rodriguez really chopping the leg. Holloway fakes a deduction again. Rodriguez tears kicks to the leg. Straight punches traded. Rodriguez drops his hands and lures Holloway for more. Great piece soon. Rodriguez exploded under his left eye. Holloway turns with a kick but he is too close. Rodriguez wraps his body around and drags the fight to the floor. He wants the back, but Holloway checking the wrists and turns inside. Holloway slides freely at the end. Rodriguez misses a jumping kick and hits the floor. Holloway follows and gets a few shots. Great round, and MMA Junkie leans to Rodriguez, 10-9.

Round 2 – Rodriguez continues to chop the leg. Holloway digs into the body. Rodriguez lands with the sting. He matches Holloway in the fist production. Right hand for Rodriguez. Holloway responds with a combination. Rodriguez back to the leg. Holloway with right to chin. back and forth on the feet. Rodriguez misses a spinning kick. Holloway continues to work the body. Holloway is pressing the action now, and Rodriguez’s volume is slowing down a bit. Rodriguez continues to work the leg. Rodriguez dropping his hands. Holloway starting to lead the way, but Rodriguez continued to rip off powerful punches and chopping the legs. A smooth header against the fence for Rodriguez, and he just misses a big elbow. Holloway goes to the body. High kick blocked. Pikoto for Holloway. Right to the body.Rodriguez back to the cage. Holloway with a knee to the body. He moves in but backs away. Rodriguez misses a big elbow and slips to the floor. Holloway follows at the bell. MMA Junkie gives it to Holloway, 10-9.

Round 3 – Holloway walking forward to open. Rodriguez retreats and counters well. Holloway fakes a takeoff and then shoots a jumping knee. Rodriguez is still tearing at his legs. Holloway looks deducted but is repulsed. Rodriguez slips to the floor, and Holloway jumps up. He gets some big punches and then tries to set up the arm triangle. Not there, but Holloway advances to mount. Rodriguez curls up and rolls over and exposes his back. He turns aside. Holloway trying to pull the arm away and get big strikes. Rodriguez moves to his knees. Holloway presses the hooks and wants the neck. Rodriguez is able to turn around and create some space, and he fights back to his feet. Rodriguez starts messing up punches. Holloway grabs his neck and falls but doesn’t have the choke, so he goes back to his feet. They set off on their feet. Both men scoring. Holloway takes a deep breath and then changes levels and drives for removal. Holloway with a knee to the body. Rodriguez is on his back and against the cage. Holloway ends up, and MMA Junkie gives him the round, 10-9.

Round 4 – Holloway with a stab and then to the body. He’s thinking about deletion, but it’s not there. Rodriguez scores with his right hand, and they trade in the pocket. Rodriguez was still dangerous and landing clean punches, but Holloway was just pushing them to deliver his own. A short tie in the center. Bad damage around Rodriguez’s right eye, and it seems to close. They clinch, and Holloway grabs her neck. He tries the standing finish, and Rodriguez throws himself to the ground. Holloway tries to keep it, but Rodriguez gets his neck free. Holloway is up now though. Rodriguez turns to the leg, but Holloway turns through it and pulls free before settling back on top. Rodriguez turns to guard. Holloway stands and punches the body as he slips past the guard. Rodriguez turns to his side as Holloway takes top position. Rodriguez to the knees and then the feet with less than two minutes. Great correct scores for Holloway, and Rodriguez is injured. Rodriguez tries for a big elbow. Holloway gains a right, and Rodriguez complains of eye strain. A doctor comes to watch, but we fight on. Holloway continues to advance, and Rodriguez just misses on a flying knee. Still very dangerous. Elbows traded tightly. Holloway’s Flurry. Rodriguez with a few big punches at the bell, but MMA Junkie gives it to Holloway, 10-9.

Round 5 – Show respect to start the round before they start riding again. Rodriguez turning kick to the body. He lands a big right hand. Rodriguez still has pop in his hands, and he kicks to the body, too. A knee lands from Holloway. He also punches the body. My God the output of both fighters. Holloway with another knee inside. Rodriguez covers well and fights from the cage. Holloway walking forward and firing punches to the head and body. Rodriguez’s acrobatic kick misses, but he gets a big punch as he jumps up, but Holloway falls up, and now Rodriguez is on his back again. Perfect swing of the back, and he takes the top spot. Holloway rolls for an arm, but it’s not there. Holloway fights and moves back to his feet. Rodriguez’s elbow inside. Holloway checking from outside. Holloway backs away, and he has some damage around his right eye. Rodriguez with a superman right, but Holloway stings back. Holloway complains of eye strain, and we take a short break before resuming with less than a minute. Holloway clinches, but Rodriguez with a nice elbow when they break. Rodriguez a spin kick filled, and Holloway clinches. They end there. MMA Junkie gives the final round to Rodriguez, 10-9, but awards the fight to Holloway, 48-47.

Photos: UFC Fight Night 197: Best Photos from Las Vegas
Records: Max Holloway (22-6 MMA, 18-6 UFC), Yair Rodriguez (13-2 MMA, 8-1 UFC)
Divide: Fluffy weight
Broadcast: ESPN +
Referee: Marc Goddard


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