‘Very decent man’: Ex-Tyrrell police defend foster mother

Gary Jubelin, who was responsible for the investigation into William’s disappearance from early 2015 to 2019, publicly defended the boy’s foster family on Thursday, closing a new investigation for which his caregivers could be held accountable. William’s foster mother “a very decent man.” “It’s a weird relationship when you investigate a crime … friendship, you could define it as a friendship but it’s a relationship built on a professional association,” Mr. Jubelin said. told Ben Fordham of 2GB. “My impression is that she’s a very decent person … I’m always looking for something suspicious, but I have to say I didn’t understand that.” He later added: “There is no evidence. It concerns me that the foster mother or foster father was involved in William’s disappearance … if that has changed, I am not aware of that.” “I saw no signs of William’s (nursing) mother involved in it.” Mr Jubelin revealed he had “interrogated” the family, including planting a listening device in their car, but nothing resulted from it. “They were eliminated (as suspects)” he said. William disappeared from Kendall’s home. his foster grandmother on the morning of September 12, 2014. There is no suggestion that the foster mother is guilty and no charges have been filed, but police are investigating.Jubelin also revealed that his investigation team did not examine the Mazda captured by Gymea investigators earlier this week, who once belonged to William’s babysitter. Grandmother. “I don’t remember we examined (the Mazda),” he said. Kendall’s house of his nursing grandmother, claiming that it had already been looked into. And a theory surrounding the baby’s shoes. “We investigated every theory, whether he died in an accident, whether William was run over on the driveway or fell and hit. his head on a rock or fell from the balcony … you o was the largest. an obvious place, it w as looked at. ” “The issue of shoes was raised and I think that was one of the things that was explored when I went back to the parents and questioned them… the shoes weren’t at the time of the photo, but William was capable. of putting on the shoes … these kinds of things create suspicion, but you may find that there is nothing in it. “Mr. Jubelin also refuted claims by police commissioner Mick Fuller earlier this week that that time was” wasted “investigating suspects who were found to have no connection to William’s disappearance, and that the investigation was a” deterioration. ” me about that is a lack of understanding of what. an investigation into homicide is. Homicide is about exploring all the possibilities, you have to explore all of them, “Jubelin said. when I ran that survey. He added that he found it “strange” so much of William’s investigation was made public, but urged the public to resist the temptation to be “photo-chair detectives.” “The way it plays out in public is a bit strange … to nominate one. a suspect is unusual. “I do hope they get through … and I warn everyone to just step back and stop being armchair detectives. There is a lot of speculation. ” NAT – Stay Informed – Social Media

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