Washington QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (hip) was not expected to return this season

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 2021 season is expected to end.

The Washington Football Team’s starting lineup has come a long way back from hip dislocation and several sources say it is highly unlikely he will return this year. That means Washington will have to rely on Taylor Heinicke and the QBs already in the room ahead, including today against the Buccaneers.

Fitzpatrick, who was injured in Week 1 and placed on an injured reserve, is still treating swelling and pain in the hip and groin area, sources say. Based on his current status, he was focused on medical treatment, rather than rehabilitation and working to get back on the football field. That part of the process has yet to begin.

He has another MRI after a few weeks to check on his progress. If that shows a vast improvement, maybe Fitzpatrick can start working again. But given where his hip is, the belief is that he won’t see the field again this year.

And just because of the fact that he’s nearly 39 years old and is recovering from a serious hip injury, one has to wonder if he played his last down in the NFL. But that’s not currently on Fitz’s mind.

Coach Ron Rivera was asked about Fitzpatrick’s recent MRI this week during a news conference.

“They’ve looked at it, and there’s some progress,” Rivera said. “Unfortunately, it’s not much up, but it’s progress.”

Originally when Fitzpatrick suffered the injury, the belief treated it non-surgically would put him on the field in about eight weeks.

But when it came time for the second MRI, it was “alarming” as one source described it. There was no improvement and he was still suffering. At that point, Fitzpatrick went back on crutches.

Only this last MRI has shown improvement, although doctors know he is not close to returning because he is still in pain. Fitzpatrick also cannot begin the rehabilitation process until there is pain or swelling.

Since he’s not there yet, there’s a belief he won’t be playing again this year.

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