Watch Taylor Swift’s “Too Good” Short Film

Get ready: Taylor Swift has released a dramatic and touching short film for the long-awaited 10-minute version of “Too Good.” Swift wrote and directed the short film, which was filmed on 35mm.

Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (Teenage Wolf) star like two doomed lovers. The story opens with them in bed, Sink’s character hypnotized by her boyfriend. They arrive in upstate New York, where she gives up a scarf. Their relationship takes a turn at dinner, where O’Brien’s character ignores his girlfriend when he impresses his friends. They fight; O’Brien is arrogant and arrogant, while his excited girlfriend is sad but still wants to keep him.

Later, O’Brien breaks things down. Montage shows Sink alone at parties and sad at her 21st birthday party. O’Brien’s life goes on as he walks alone along Brooklyn Street. The film then jumps 13 years into the future. Sink’s character is now portrayed by red-headed Swift. She is an author at a packed bookstore reading for her book All Too Good, presumably about the heartache of her early twenties. Outside, older O’Brien (Jake Lyon) looks out the window, wearing the same red scarf his ex gave up.

Swift held a premiere in New York City on Friday afternoon to celebrate the release of the video. She told the “hand-picked” audience that the song “belongs to us,” in reference fans who made the non-single her favorite work. During the screening, fans shouted the lyrics along with the film. Later, O’Brien and Sink joined Swift earlier to talk about their excitement.

“Taylor, you are a genius and the most beautiful person of all time. I’m still recovering, ”O’Brien told Swift and the crowd. Swift then stayed ahead for a solo acoustic performance of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”, her very first live performance of the song. (She will play it too Saturday Night Live that weekend.)

“All Too Well” was originally released in 2012 on Red, which Swift re-recorded as part of her massive project to pick up her master recordings. The long-teased 10-minute original version of the track appears this time on the album, which features even more biting lyrics on the relationship that inspired it. The song specifically hardens the age difference. Swift was on the verge of 21 when she was in this relationship with an older partner.

It was widely reported that the theme of the song is Jake Gyllenhaal, with whom she briefly befriended around that time. He was 30 when he was spotted walking Brooklyn with 20-year-old Swift. Nor confirmed that “All Too Well” or any other songs anymore Red around about it.

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