When it comes to EPL, Optus remains in possession of the ball

Optus retains the rights to EPL football, and has reported numbers of subscribers of more than a million, making it a suitable challenger with merger service Kayo.

(Image: PA Wire / Richard Sellers)

Very quiet night – Seven hit Nine in total and the two tied in the main channels, but that was all there was to talk about.

This morning Optus revealed that it has retained the rights to EPL football in Australia for six more years until 2028. Optus has held them since 2016. It has retained the rights in 2018, shutting down Foxtel. No value, but media estimates $ 80 million a year. That would be more than the 2016 deal, which was reportedly $ 63 million a year.

Optus said Friday that it now has more than a million subscribers – which would mean it’s a real competitor to Foxtel’s Kayo, which News Corp said had 1.1 million total paying customers on Sept. 30. Optus Sports will get a big kick off women’s football by 2023. World Cup in Australia and NZ.

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