Wise platform for job interviews with government agencies in the “Emirati dialect”

The Federal Government’s Human Resources Authority has begun work to set up and develop the first intelligent platform to conduct job interviews “away” via the “internet”, through the use of artificial intelligence techniques, considering that this project will achieve a qualitative leap in the world of job interviews, due to its almost complete dependence on technologies and programs of Artificial intelligence.

The authority stated that it has begun to take executive measures to develop this new platform to be launched soon, by concluding a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation between the authority and SHL, as it is one of the largest international companies using artificial intelligence techniques. intelligence and tools of the technological revolution in the field of capital management and development. . in Arabic, specifically in the Emirati national dialect.

She noted that the project to create this platform, with the participation of more than 1,000 federal government employees, is in addition to the series of innovative efforts and initiatives launched by the authority at the federal government level, with the aim of upgrading the government work system. , developing its tools, and keeping up with the latest developments in the fields of technology and human resource management.

The authority confirmed that it aims, through the expected electronic platform, to achieve six main objectives related to the employment file in government agencies, starting with “accelerating the process of quality recruitment, contributing to raising the quality of employment and employees appointed to work in .the federal government, as well as attracting skilled and talented people who are suitable for the demands and demands of vacant jobs.In addition to contributing to the advancement of the entire recruitment process.

The authority indicated the ability of this platform to save time and effort to human resources departments in ministries and federal agencies using technology and artificial intelligence to focus on other more strategic tasks and responsibilities, explaining that the ultimate goal relates to developing and building this. a platform in the Arabic language to increase the level of objectivity in talent assessment processes. This contributes to effectively meeting work needs at the federal government level. According to the “Guide to Attract and Retain Employees” published by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, job interviews are used to explore important areas for employers as they help determine how many candidates match jobs to the nature of the organization’s requirements. .

The guide identified five types of job interviews available to government agencies and institutions, some of which are used, depending on the nature or type of the job vacancy, the job level or the time required for recruitment, the first of which are “targeted interviews”. which depend on one kind of questions for all candidates for the job. , with the possibility of a difference in the sub-questions, based on the candidate’s answers for the job, and the second “undirected interviews”, which depend on the open discussion method.

The guide stated that the third type of approved job interviews, “behavioral interviews,” which focus on how the candidate deals with previous internship situations based on their experiences, in the fourth type are called “competency interviews,” which depend on questioning. It is based on a realistic case related to competence, while the latter types of interviews are called “group interviews”, during which a job interview can be conducted with a group of job candidates by a group of interviewers in the workplace.

And the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources stated that the international company (SHL), which is working on the implementation of the smart platform project to conduct job interviews, has promised to hire the expertise of its team, which is backed by years of scientific research. , extensive experiments and research and development studies, in collaboration with the authority to develop this platform in Arabic, to be the first innovative platform that supports the Emirati dialect, facilitates the assessment of thousands of national talents and provides in-depth knowledge of future frames. The authority confirmed that the company is fully aware of the importance of partnership to support the authority’s unremitting efforts to implement global best practices and digital solutions in the field of human resource management, and improve the government’s readiness for artificial intelligence. , by adopting an innovative. ideas and projects, enhanced by the latest technologies applied worldwide. Help the federal authorities invest their human resources and talents optimally.

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