Wretched weather? What about sleepy Q&A compatible?

At least you didn’t have to play football in the rain, unlike the Australian and Saudi teams.

(Image: AAP / Dean Lewins)

The scene: a wet Thursday night in Sydney, a dull television, Q + A absolutely umbilically looking (they were talking about China), Paul Keating got a mention when eyelids slid closed. Talk about the ghosts of past governments. Halloween was almost two weeks ago! 388,000 brave souls stuck with it. How long did he keep his eyes open?

In Ten, the players in Australia’s World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia needed umbrellas in what was a miserable night and a strange bounce pitch – 585,000 on Ten – not so much as. Gogglebox Australia would normally receive (800,000 plus on Thursday night) but compared to what else was offered last night, a good result.

Aminsulo on Nine – 200,000 – will be broadcast to around 400,000 or maybe a little more. As Nine and advertisers know, how long do streamers watch – are they completely paying attention? I bet most of them text, TikToking, Tweeting, Insta-ing, Snapchatting, WeChatting (or Facebooking for seniors) – and sometimes watch.

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